A Wednesday Story

Juha’s neighbor was always borrowing his donkey to carry loads to and from the local market. Of course Juha was happy to help his neighbor, but the donkey always  came home tired, hungry, and thirsty. So one day, when Juha saw his neighbor coming with that certain donkey-borrowing-look in his eyes, Juha decided to hide the donkey; he put the donkey in an inside room, and shut the door.

When his neighbor arrived and asked for the loan of the donkey, Juha told him the donkey was not there. Juha’s neighbor turned away, trying to think of how he would get his load to the market — but just then, the donkey brayed! The neighbor immediately accused Juha of trying to trick him; clearly the donkey was in the house. Juha simply replied, “Who are you going to believe? Me, or the donkey?”